Serviced Apartments-Explaining the Rise in Popularity of the Serviced Apartments


The concept of serviced apartments has risen to such a level of popularity that may call for some explaining. According to a recent research on this industry, there are close to 900,000 serviced apartments all spread over close to 10,000 destinations across the globe.


By and large, globetrotters are increasingly being informed and are seeking for more flexible alternatives when it comes to their travel accommodation needs. Generally, not much has changed when it comes to hotel accommodation and as such many of the traveling professionals are opting for the serviced apartments when it comes to their stay abroad. Compared to the traditional hotel accommodation options, the serviced apartments offer far greater amenities to the travelers and as well happen to be as flexible as to be used for whatever stay periods you may be looking at, be it short or long term stay needs. If you are looking for a sure home-away-from-home experience in your next travel, then it goes without saying that the serviced apartment option would be a sure deal as compared to taking the beaten path of the hotel room accommodation. The following are some of the benefits that come with the option to stay at a serviced apartment at for your stay while on travel.


First and foremost, the serviced apartments at are far more spacious as compared to the space you would find at a hotel room. Besides this, you get far more privacy as compared to the degree of privacy that would be from the hotel stays. Cost factor as well make the serviced apartment stays a better alternative as they have been established by many travelers to be more cost effective as there are no hidden costs when it comes to the serviced apartment stays. This is even looking at the fact that with them, there are the kitchens or kitchenette options which traditionally eliminate the need to depend on hotels for your meals dining needs.


By and large, the growth in popularity of the serviced apartments, and the concept itself actually evolved from the rise in the number of tourists globally. Due to the rise in the numbers of tourists jetting into the various destinations, the tourism industry came up with the concept to help accommodate the needs of the modern day globetrotter. There are even some of the tourists who opt for the aparthotels for their needs all for the benefits that these as well come with. Read more about apartments from this website at

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